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High-purity acetylene

Air Liquide manufactures industrial acetylene gas to be used in a variety of industrial applications.


  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Brazing
  • Flame hardening and cleaning
  • Thermal spray

Industrial acetylene is a standard fuel gas used in conjunction with oxygen for welding metals and cutting steel and for allied oxy-acetylene processes for heating, forming and treating metals.

Product Summary

The volumes within this table are indicative and may vary with filled pressure. Actual gas volumes per product codes are available in CMS.

Cylinder Size Gas Volume (Sm³) Melting Point Physical State* DG Class
GX 8.4 -80.8 °C Gas 2.1
G 7.0 -80.8 °C Gas 2.1
E 3.2 -80.8 °C Gas 2.1
D 1.0 -80.8 °C Gas 2.1

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Odour Flammability SDS
Colourless gas Odourless Flammable Acetylene, Compressed Dissolved

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