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Air Liquide to present at ALTA 2019 Conference and Exhibition

Air Liquide will be at ALTA 2019

About the Conference

Booth Location: 23 (Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th May)

ALTA 2019 is a world-class annual metallurgical conference, now in its 24th year, and a leading platform for innovation. The event now includes dedicated day sessions for In Situ Recovery (ISR) and Lithium Processing in response to industry activity, with an expanded number of presentations (up to 15). We are pleased to partner with CSIRO Minerals for the ISR sessions and Curtin Gold Technology Group for Gold-PM. The Uranium-REE and ISR sessions, and Heap Leaching short course are organised in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The emphasis of the program is practical rather than academic, and the themes running through the conference are the various aspects of technology and project development.

“The sessions exceeded the highest expectations with pertinent and practical presentations and discussions, knowledgeable industry representatives and service providers with appropriate products." 

Held over eight days in Perth, it comprises five technical conferences, three short courses, and a trade exhibition. It features highlyfocused programs, topical forums and key international speakers. An outstanding platform for exposing the latest worldwide developments in plant operations, process technology, new projects, testwork and scale-up, process modelling and control systems, application of mineralogy and geometallurgy, R&D, equipment, reagents, materials, tailings disposal and environmental alleviation.

Keynote Speakers

Conference Opening Address
David Weight, President and Director, Cobalt Institute (UK)
The Changing Landscape of the Cobalt Market — view abstract

Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Keynote
Dr Bryn Harris, Managing Partner, NMR360 Inc (Canada)
The Future of Ni-Co-Cu Processing in the Age of Lithium-Ion Batteries — view abstract

Uranium-REE Keynote
Dr Karin Soldenhoff, Technology Manager, ANSTO Minerals (Australia)
Uranium IX - Past, Present and Future — view abstract

Gold-PM Keynote
Prof Jacques Eksteen, Director, Gold Technology Group and Chair, Extractive Metallurgy, Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University (Australia)
Fit-for-Purpose Precious Metals Leach Systems: Matching Leach Strategies to Source Characteristics — view abstract

In Situ Recovery (ISR) Keynote
Dr Horst Maerten, Vice President Technology, Heathgate Resources (Australia) and CEO, Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT) (Germany)
Trends in ISR Technology — view abstract

Lithium Processing Keynote
Adrian Griffin, Managing Director, Lithium Australia (Australia)
The Need for Innovation to Meet Future Demand for Lithium — view abstract

Dinner Address
Alan Taylor, Metallurgical Consultant/Managing Director, ALTA Metallurgical Services (Australia)
The Nickel Insurrection A Laterite Wars Story

  • ALTA 2019 Exhibition and Conference Program

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