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Air Liquide returns to ALTA 2020 Conference and Exhibition

Air Liquide returns to ALTA 2020

Booth Location: #23
(Thursday 28th - Friday 29th May)

ALTA 2020 is a world-class annual metallurgical conference, celebrating its 25th year, and a leading platform for innovation. The emphasis of the carefully crafted program is practical rather than academic, and the themes running through the conference are the various aspects of technology and project development. ALTA conferences are well-known for providing exceptional opportunities for the industry to share ideas, innovations, technologies and projects, and develop new contacts and broader networks.

FIVE international conferences in one week

  1. Nickel-Cobalt-Copper (25-27 May) including Hydromet Processing of Ni-Co-Cu Sulphides Forum & Panel
  2. Uranium-REE (28 May) including Application of Membranes Forum & Panel
  3. Gold-PM (28 May) including Cyanide Alleviation & Alternative Lixiviants Forum & Panel. Proudly sponsored by Air Liquide
  4. In Situ Recovery (ISR) (29 May) including Application of ISR to Copper Forum & Panel
  5. Lithium & Battery Technology (29 May) including Trends in Battery Technology Forum & Panel

SIX short courses

  1. A-Z of Copper Ore Leaching (23 May) presented by ALTA Metallurgical Services
  2. Design of Successful Bulk Flow Systems for Hydromet Operations (23 May) presented by Jenike & Johanson *NEW
  3. SX and its Application to Copper, Uranium & Nickel-Cobalt (24 May) presented by ALTA Metallurgical Services
  4. The ART of HPAL - The Way to Success (24 May) presented by Dr Naoyuki Tsuchida and Fumio Iwamoto (ex Sumitomo) *NEW
  5. Uranium Ore Processing (30 May) presented by ALTA Metallurgical Services
  6. Lithium Processing (30 May) presented by METS Engineering

ALTA 2020 Conference Brochure

  • Gold-PM: Technical Program brought to you buy Air Liquide

    PDF - 47.98 KB