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Air Liquide’s innovative cylinder top

Air Liquide’s innovative cylinder top

Saves money:  no need to buy and maintain a separate regulator and regular checks are performed by Air Liquide.

Saves time:  ready to use due to the built-in regulator and on/off lever and quick connect for a range of gases.

Saves gas:  no gas loss thanks to the on/off lever and built-in contents gauge.

Work safely:  Emergency cut-off, protected valve and no more exposure to high-pressure gas flow.

ALTOPTM: an innovative approach to gas cylinders. Developed by Air Liquide,  ALTOP’s built-in features make quality, safety, and time and money savings easy. ALTOPTM is an integrated cylinder valve and regulator system that eliminates high-pressure gas loss and maintains gas quality.

ALTOPTM: simple to use, easy to move, proven technology, hassle free gas control.

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