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Air Liquide’s automatic feedback control technology that helps reduce energy consumption.

Air Liquide offers a wide range of gases, technologies and services that help enhance the performance of your processes, optimise your costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

Gases touch a vast array of mining processes.  Please contact a local specialist or see our reference chart below to see where Air Liquide can enhance your processes.

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Examples of BoostAL™ value for gold extraction:

  • 5% of gold recovery increase in the flotation
  • Oxygen savings of more than 25% for a running plant
  • Cyanide reduction of more than 20%
  • Reduced oxygen demand for at least 20% for greenfield mill

Your Needs, Features and Our Solutions

Your Needs Expected Features Our Solutions
Increasing Recovery Yield

- Improving minerals selectivity in the flotation process (Mo, Cu, Au, Co, etc.)

- Streamlining needs for oxygen and
cyanide for leaching (Au, Ag)

- Increasing matte ratio going to the converter

- Replacing air with more suitable gases (N2, O2, O3)

- Audits aimed at characterising oxygen demand (O2)

- Blast oxygen enrichment (O2)

Increasing Productivity

- Increasing gold leaching

- Increasing smelter, roaster and
converter capacities

- Using O2 in pre-aeration and/or replacing
air with O2 in the leach

- Air Liquide Shrouded Injector (ALSI)
(O2 and N2) in the converters / Blast oxygen enrichment
in the smelter and roasters

Energy Efficiency

- Reducing the overall demand
for electricity

- Reducing the overall demand
for fuel

- Selected equipment to optimise electricuty consumption

- Blast oxygen enrichment (O2)

Reducing Emissions

- Water treatment for cyanide, ammonia
and nitrite abatement

- Acid mine drainage pH control

- Reducing off-gas volume and
increasing SOconcentration

- Using ozone technology

- Using CO2 pH control technology

- Blast oxygen enrichment (O2)


- Recycling water and cyanide
reagents / recycling copper

- Increasing operating flexibility
load, production level, etc.)

- Using ozone to recover cyanide
and copper

- Blast oxygen enrichment (O2) / ALSI

Reliable Supply Chain

- Product certification and
regulatory compliance

- Supply chain engineering,
measurement and management


- Preventing oxidation and fires

- Maintenance

- Extending tire lifetime

- Quality and emissions control

- Inerting with nitrogen or CO2

- Welding/Cutting gases for

- Inflating tires with nitrogen

- A range of Specialty gases for
quality and emissions control