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Air Liquide offers a full range of on-sites gas production technologies for nitrogen supply tailored to each individual customer’s requirements.

Air Liquide’s FLOXAL™ Nitrogen Supply Systems produce nitrogen (N2) gas at your site. Air Liquide has developed a full range of on-site nitrogen generators that can be adapted to your unique process requirements. FLOXAL systems are flexible and modular; production capacity can be upgraded or downgraded, if necessary. Our state-of-the-art FLOXAL nitrogen generators are designed to help ensure safety, reliability and cost efficiency.

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We will customize the nitrogen on-site supply system based on your specific needs. The optimal production technology and generator size is determined by several factors:

  • Flow Rate
  • Purity
  • Pressure
  • Flow Profile (flow rate over time)

Floxal Nitrogen covers two production technologies - membranes and cryogenic.

Technology LIN Assist - Cryogenic Separation Membrane Separation
Flow range 250-9,000 Sm3/hr 100-3,600 Sm3/hr
Purity >99.99% 95-99.5%
Residual O2 Level Standard <3 ppm, lower possible 0.5-5%
Residual H20 Level <10ppm <10ppm
Standard Outlet Pressure 600-950kPag 800-1,000kPag
Key Feature Extensive Turn-down Modular
Main Application High Purity Atmospheres Purging
Primary Markets Material Processing & Food Manufacturing Chemical Storage & Food Manufacturing


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