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Metal Fabrication

Simply High Perfomance

High-performance Fabrication Gas Solutions

Air Liquide draws on more than 100 years of its experience in the fabrication industry to develop specialised gases, equipment and services for a range of welding, cutting, coating, heating and cryogenic treatment applications.

We supply gases and mixtures of gases such as argon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen in compressed gas cylinders or in bulk liquid cryogenic tanks, depending on the volume needed. Our ARCAL™ and LASAL™ brand gases, equipment and services have been developed by our network of experts to meet the diverse needs of the metal fabrication industry.

For welding solutions see our ARCAL™ welding gas page.

For laser cutting solutions see our LASAL laser cutting page.

For gases for flame cutting applications see our FLAMAL page.


Integrated Fab Shops

Air Liquide supplies a range of gases, technologies and services for welding and cutting applications at integrated fabrication sites.


Thinking Before Acting when Handling Industrial Gases

April 9, 2019 in Metal Fabrication, Metals, Mining

Metal Treatment Shops

Air Liquide offers a range of gases, technologies and services for metal heat treatment and deep cryogenic treatment. We supply gases in a variety of modes, ranging from small cylinders of compressed gas to liquefied gases for customers needing large product volumes. Our highly skilled and experienced heat treatment specialists help you safely integrate our heat treatment technologies into your existing manufacturing process with maximum efficiency.

Fab Shops

Our solutions for the metal fabrication industry include a range of gases, technologies and services for cutting and welding applications. 

Why Choose Us?

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    Diverse Offer

    We offer gas cylinders in various volumes and concentrations and all associated gas handling equipment. We also supply bulk volumes and storage solutions, as well as on-site production technologies.

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    Focus on Quality

    Air Liquide manufactures gases in a range of purities to meet your needs. We can analyse for specific impurities, based on your request.

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    A global network of industry experts is available to support you in developing solutions to meet your unique challenges. Our teams have extensive experience and expertise in assembly, surface treatment and cutting techniques.

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    Air Liquide's industry experts are backed by a global research and development network.