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Production of non-ferrous metals (Copper, Nickel and Gold) relies on 2 main routes: Pyro-metallurgy (thermal treatment) and hydrometallurgy (chemical treatment through aqueous leaching). The choice of the relevant technology depends on numerous factors and the present share between both routes is very different from one to another metals. Nevertheless, there are signs of significant development for the hydro route compared to the conventional pyro one, which are motivated by the possibility to treat a larger range of ores (especially low grade ores) and even to re-treat dumps, the lower CAPEX, the emergence of new processes/technologies enabling higher productivity and metal recovery.

Customers in gold industry, especially when located “in the middle of nowhere” are asking for cost effective and not sophisticated processes/equipments. They also expect a global solution from their oxygen supplier in terms of injection means and monitoring, in order to optimize their process and their costs. This has been achieved within our ALDOC offer developed for partnerships with engineering companies.

Engineering Groups facilitates the promotion of our ALDOC offer. In addition, such partnerships are also opportunities to be associated to new “attractive” processes.

Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer

  • kLa – Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient
  • kLa = mUGx(P/V)yµZ
  • kLa is directly proportional to gas velocity and power to volume ratio
  • High kLa means high efficiency

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Why Choose Us?

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    Industry leader

    Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, all essential to the metals industry.

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    Customizable solutions

    Our teams will work with you to identify the most appropriate, cost-effective, gas supply mode based on your purity, flow, volume and safety requirements.

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    Reliable and reproducible, Air Liquide gas solutions are compliant with the ever-evolving, stringent regulations.

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    Global presence

    Air Liquide’s global network of metals industry experts serve millions of clients worldwide.

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    R&D support network

    Our global network of application experts, engineering, research and development teams provide the optimum solution for any given need.