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Oxygen (High Purity Grade)

Reliable supply to meet your needs

Oxygen is a gas used in a wide range of processes from cutting steel to aquaculture. As the uses of oxygen vary widely, so do the ways in which Air Liquide can provide it to you. We have a range of supply modes, purities and mixtures. Our local support teams can help you decide which combination is the best for your process. (Scroll down to find your applicable process for more information.)

Research and Analysis

In laboratories, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 oxygen provides 99.999% purity. If your analytical and laboratory applications require ultra-high-purity oxygen, ALPHAGAZ™ 2 99.9995% pure oxygen is ideal. Oxygen is also available as a component in many CALGAZ™ brand gas mixtures for industrial hygiene and safety.

Gas Properties

Gas UN # Gas Volume* Gas per litre of Liquid DG CLASS
Oxygen UN1072 0.738 m³ 0.843 m³ 2.2 (5.1)
* in Standard conditions, 15 °C and 1 atm (101.325 kPa) 

Did you know?

  • The initial measurements of the constituents of air, with the exception of argon, were improved and summarised in the early 1800s by John Dalton.
  • Earth's atmosphere is (with very small percentages of other elements (neon, helium, krypton, methane, hydrogen, xenon and radon)):
    • 78.09 % nitrogen
    • 20.94 % oxygen
    • 0.93 % argon
    • 0.04 % carbon dioxide

Discover more about oxygen's properties, volumes, applications, safety & compatability and much more with Air Liquide's Gas Encyclopedia.

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Supply Modes

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