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Cryo-mechanical freezing

Using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, cryo-mechanical freezing can boost the capacity of a mechanical freezer and obtain enhanced yields while retaining essential moisture and minimising damage to wet or sticky foods. Our specialists have developed a range of applications to enhance mechanical freezing processes by integrating systems such as cryogenic freezing tunnels or immersion freezers that quickly crust and encapsulate the outer surface and lock in moisture. Our cryogenic freezing systems can interface with your mechanical system. A cryogenic tunnel freezer or immersion freezer can be used to crust approximately 10% of a product and lock in moisture. It can then be finished in a mechanical freezer. The result: reduced product loss from moisture and sticking; improved throughput of your mechanical freezer with minimal capital expense; improved product quality (especially for delicate and sticky food); and reduced maintenance, sanitation and operational costs.