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Air Liquides focus on 4 solutions certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation

promoting sustainable, profitable technology

The goal of Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Foundation is to identify 1,000 "efficient solutions" that are also profitable and sustainable. To date, 16 innovations developed or supported by Air Liquide have received the Solar Impulse label. Here we take a closer look at four of them: Cryonod™, Ozone Strong Water, HyRis and an indoor air purification solution.

Air Liquide backs the Solar Impulse Foundation because it shares the vision that inspires its founder Bertrand Piccard: responding to environmental challenges with solutions technologically credible, economically profitable. These solutions prove that protecting the environment and combating climate change generate jobs and wealth and that they are a promising business sector. They just need to be better promoted to political decision makers, market players and the general public so they can be deployed.

Air Liquides focus on four solutions
certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation:

Cryonod - Converting natural gas expansion into liquid hydrogen

Ozone - Improving water quality at a lower cost

A solution to purify indoor air

HyRis - Helping to develop hydrogen mobility

1,000 profitable solutions to protect the environment

Since the foundation's launch in 2017, many partners have lent their support to create the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. "Air Liquide has played a decisive role from the beginning, " explains Bertrand Piccard. "It was one of the first partners of Solar Impulse and, now, the Solar Impulse Foundation." Today, the alliance has 1,965 members and 240 solutions have earned the label. The initiative continues so that clean solutions can be implemented quickly. The 12 other solutions from Air Liquide and its partners that have earned the Solar Impulse Efficiency Solution label can also make a difference, just like the group's overall efforts to promote clean technologies.

"Instead of depressing people by talking to them about problems, we have to give them hope by showing them there are solutions."

Bertrand Piccard, Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation


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