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Meeting industry’s nitrogen supply needs.

Air Liquide supplies liquid and gaseous nitrogen to every industry. For example, chemical industries and industrial plants require large volumes of gaseous nitrogen to purge out oxygen and moisture in blanketing operations. The food and beverage industry requires varying quantities of both liquid and gaseous nitrogen for food processing and packaging applications and to help maintain safe temperatures while food products are stored and transported.

Air Liquide is a leading supplier of compressed nitrogen gas, liquid nitrogen, and onsite production of nitrogen in a range of purities and concentrations.

Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

Nitrogen is an inert gas used for laser and plasma cutting of different materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  Nitrogen keeps the surface of the metal free of oxidation maintaining the metal’s original surface colour (minimises the black residue caused by oxidation).

Our solution:  LASAL branded gases include assist gases specially manufactured to high quality standards and supplied in a range of modes to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

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Purging, Leak Testing, Brazing and Inerting

The solubility of nitrogen and inert properties make it an ideal gas for purging leak testing, brazing and inerting.

Air Liquide has a wide range of equipment and product specifications to deliver nitrogen efficiently in your processes.  With our onsite nitrogen generating system, FLOXAL cylinders, Skid tank and bulk vessels for larger volumes. Air Liquide can provide the purities and volume profile that best suits your process.

Contact us so a specialist near you can assist in determining the best product combination for your needs.

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Nitrogen is used in the food industry for quick freezing.  As an industrial gas expert, Air Liquide provides its food industry customers with full process support and services. At the same time, we retain a strong focus on safety, hygiene and cost-efficiency.  

Our solution:  We offer a range of food grade gases. As as industry benchmark, our ALIGAL range of products meet FSANZ food standards. ALIGAL™ goes above and beyond required criteria in adhering to strict specifications in addition to offering traceability.

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Nitrogen has many uses in the winemaking industry and is commonly applied for blanketing: stopping the oxidation of grapes.

Our solution: Our food grade ALIGAL gases meet FSANZ food standards and come in a range of supply modes and purities. Contact a specialist near you and they will assist in determining the best product and supply mode that fit your needs:

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Nitrogen’s superior inerting properties, make it the main gas for all gaseous inerting applications.  In mining, Nitrogen is used in the inerting of underground extraction processes and is also complimentary to increasing recovery yield and productivity.

Our solution:  Air Liquide is a proud worldwide partner to the mining industry.  Our branded BoostAL and FLOXAL solutions are dedicated to providing mine specific equipment and gas solutions from start to finish.  Please contact us for a local specialist or look at our mining solutions page: BoostALTM.

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Research and Analysis

In laboratories, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ™ 1000 nitrogen provides 99.999% purity. If your analytical and laboratory applications require ultra-high-purity nitrogen, ALPHAGAZ™ 2 99.9995% pure nitrogen is ideal. Nitrogen is also available as a component in many CALGAZ brand gas mixtures for industrial hygiene and safety.

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