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Dedicated Laboratory Range

Straightforward dedicated laboratory gases range with added safety ben

Air Liquide has a laboratory dedicated product line with guaranteed low levels of impurities < 3ppm H2O, < 2ppm O2 < 0.5ppm THC). Plus, our SmartopTM cylinder top provides a safe, easy to handle guard with a straightforward on/off lever and built-in contents gauge.

Mixtures are supplied with NATA endorsed Certificates of Analysis under ISO accreditations 17025 & Guide 34 (increasingly referred to as ISO 17034).

Click below to download the molecular property and ALPHAGAZTM purity table.


Straightforward dedicated laboratory gases range

Our ALPHAGAZ™ product range is our dedicated laboratory range of gases. Available in two purities for argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and air (for CO2 , N2O , C2H2:  consult us) plus a large range of mixes.  Each cylinder is delivered with a Certificate of Conformance and guaranteed low levels of nominated impurities.


Gas purities and molecule table

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