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Material Compatibility

Although the information has been compiled from what ALPHAGAZ™ believes are authoritative sources, it must be used with extreme caution. No chart can cover all conditions of concentration, temperature, humidity, impurities and aeration.

ALPHAGAZ™ has assembled this materials' compatibility information to assist the user in the evaluation of materials of construction for a safe gas system.

ALPHAGAZ™ believes the information presented to be accurate and factual, but it is not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which ALPHAGAZ™ assumes legal responsibility.

Below is the legend for the material compatability table which can be accessed in a PDF available here


Material Compatibility Legend
Good 6 250oC
B Fair 7 350oC
C Poor 8 50oC
D Insufficient Data 9 180oC
1 In presence of moisture 10 100oC
2 > 65% copper 11 In absence of O2
3 In presence of oxygen 12 150oC
4 Up to 104 bars 13 Possible forming of spontaneously flammable compounds
5 400oC    


It is recommended that this chart be used only to select possible materials for use and then more extensive investigation and testing be done under the specific conditions to be encountered.