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Air Liquide's premier brand for food and beverage gases and equipment.

ALIGALTM is Air Liquide’s international line of food-grade gases created for the processing and packaging of beverages and foods. ALIGAL ensures the highest quality and safety standards in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), chilling, freezing, carbonation and inerting processes to optimize food safety and preservation, processing costs and product quality.

ALIGAL single and mixed gases are designed to satisfy the demanding quality requirements of the food and beverage industries. They are used extensively in MAP for a wide variety of food products.

By preserving the freshest characteristics of foods and extending shelf life, ALIGAL food-quality gases empower food processors and retailers to:

  • Reduce product returns
  • Gain greater flexibility in production scheduling
  • Improve product consistency
  • Control inventory more effectively and economically
  • Distribute products over greater distances
  • Strengthen the branding of value-added products

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Gas Supply Modes

Small, Medium & Large

8 & 16 cylinders

Mini Bulk
Range of sizes to fit varying needs from portable to medium

Bulk (liquid)
Range of vessels sizes from Medium to Large