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One of Air Liquide's main objectives is the safety of its employees and of its customers.

Safety is absolutely essential and is based on the conviction that all accidents can be prevented. Everyone, from the group's managing director to all employees and contractors, is responsible for preventing accidents. Safety is a basic work requirement, and everyone must observe safety rules.

This conviction, and the development of SAFETY AWARENESS, have reduced the number of work-related accidents considerably over the years.

Our Policy: Safety is and will remain our first priority
Our Target: Zero accidents
Our Objective: Measurable and significant continuous improvement

Ensuring the safety of our customers means that our gas distribution facilities must take into account safety criteria, the specific requirements of each customer and environmental protection. We inform our customers of the risks associated with the handling and use of industrial gases and recommend precautions to prevent accidents.

We offer our customers training designed especially for their employees and their specific gas hazards. Here in our specialty gases section we offer advice on: