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Safer, more efficient solutions

As our cities grow we are faced with rising demands for modern and efficient infrastructure: new commercial and residential developments, new roads and highways, and new industrial, mining and energy infrastructure.

We have developed a range of solutions that help promote leaner processes and more efficient operations.With a portfolio of more than 200 patents related to welding and cutting solutions and 250 welding specialists worldwide, Air Liquide offers the expertise and resources you need to help optimize your processes and to help ensure safety in your operations.

Our tailored gas solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements, whether working in dense urban environments or remote areas, including offshore.

For your welding needs, our ARCAL range is easy to understand with products such as Chrome, Speed, Force and Prime allowing you to gain the advantage you need to "get the job done" no matter what you’re welding.

For your laser cutting and plasma cutting, our LASAL​​​​​​​ brand provides top notch quality.

For your flame applications, see our FLAMAL™​​​​​​​ Oxygen and Acetylene page.

Plus, many of our products have industry leading safety features such as our innovative SMARTOP​​​​​​​ and ALTOP​​​​​​​: cylinder tops with built-in features such as contents gauge, shock absorbing tob, residual pressure valve (RPV) and more.


Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Why choose us?

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    Diverse offer

    We offer gas cylinders in various volumes and concentrations and all associated gas handling equipment. We also supply gases in bulk volumes and storage solutions.

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    Focus on quality

    Air Liquide manufactures gases in a range of purities to meet your needs. We can analyze for specific impurities based on a your request.

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    A global network of experts is available to support you in developing solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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    Local support

    We will manage all aspects of your gas supply, from ordering to storage to handling.