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Research and Analysis

Quality gas and chemical solutions

Air Liquide offers a full range of pure gases and mixtures to suit all of your research, quality control and calibration needs. Choice and a straightforward product range are important but we also appreciate that  supply mode is as well. Therefore, Air Liquide supplies gases in packages that best suit your needs, whether it’s the high purity demands of gas chromatography, or the high flow demands of ICP, or the convenience and ease of use of a small, portable cylinders.

Air Liquide offers a wide range of laboratory and calibration gas solutions. Our solutions include ALPHAGAZ branded products which are used as carrier gases to meet and exceed typical LCMS and GCMS requirements and CALGAZ calibration mixtures for the safety detection market.

Public and Private Laboratories

For your analytical applications, both LCMS and GCMS, we offer our ALPHAGAZ range: ALPHAGAZ™ 1, 2 and Mix.

Pure gases

Selection of your carrier gas is made easy with just 2 levels of purity:

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1:  pure gases with low levels of impurities for the accuracy of analysis from % to ppm
  • ALPHAGAZ™ 2:  Pure gases with ultra-low levels of impurities for the high accuracy of analysis ppm to ppb
  • ALPHAGAZ™ Mix:  offers you the ultimate flexibility in selecting analytical accuracy and blend tolerance. Our calibration mixtures are manufactured under our NATA accreditations, ISO 17025 or ISO Guide 34, and are delivered with NATA endorsed Certificates of Analysis.

See our ALPHAGAZ brand page for a table of purities and more information on our ALPHAGAZ™ Mix range.

Or email us directly at for more information.

SMARTOP, Safe and easy to use cylinder top

The ALPHAGAZ™ range of pure gases comes equipped with our SMARTOP™ cylinder top. The innovative SMARTOP™ is equipped with an easy to use on/off lever, built-in contents gauge and an ergonomic cylinder guard.

Industrial Hygiene/Safety Detection

CALGAZ™ is the global leader in speciality calibration gases dedicated to keeping your people safe. Whether it’s gas monitors used in refineries, mines, or confined space entry, our CALGAZ™ range provides the largest choice of mixtures for gas detector calibration and enjoys wide industry recognition for quality.

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    Air Liquide has the expertise in analytical equipment and tools necessary to optimise performance and develop new chemistries.

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    Complete offer

    Air Liquide manufactures and supplies a range of quality analytical gases including pure gases and mixtures and the appropriate gas handling equipment and services.

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    We strive for absolute quality control of processes and products. Our products meet and exceed industry purity standards.

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    All our products offer absolute accuracy and traceability, guaranteed by top certificates and accreditations.