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"World’s top cylinder top"

Air Liquide’s exclusive SMARTOP™ valve for speciality lab gases and industrial gases in compressed gas cylinders saves time and gas while improving workplace safety.

SMARTOP™ is available with ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases and ARCAL™, LASAL™, and ALIGAL™ * brand industrial gases. It works perfectly with all single and two-stage gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide.

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Working Safer

  • On/off lever enables the quick shut-off of the gas in emergency situation and eliminates the risk of incomplete closure of the valve.
  • Integrated flow limitation guarantees safe opening at high pressure and assures additional protection in case of accidental opening of the cylinder valve.
  • SMARTOP™ is equipped with the Residual Pressure Valve and Non-Return Valve that prevent contamination due to atmospheric backflow.

Saving you Money

  • Cylinders left open unintentionally can be easily identified and closed thanks to the on/off lever.  This  enables improved management of your gas consumption and prevents expensive losses and leaks!
  • Thanks to the volume indicator you always know the level of available product in the cylinder and can better manage and reduce your inventory.
  • Your pressure regulators can be connected without any modification to the new SMARTOP™ valve.